WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver

Aron Schatz
June 12, 2017
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WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver
For $25 to $30, you get a great automatic screwdriver that holds its charge and has enough torque for a variety of tasks. It also holds all the bits inside so they don't get lost.

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Final Verdict

The WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver costs under $30 (Amazon) at the time of this review. It is nice when you buy a product that is well built and performs well. We didn't think that an automatic screwdriver would have the torque to drive a drywall screw into a piece of 2x4, but it did. This is the type of attention to detail that you should expect from a higher class brand like WORX.

This product is a great example of something you can try before you buy. Head into a Home Depot and WORX products are sold there. The retail packaging allows you to touch and feel the product and see how it works. The ability to store six bits of your own and swap them out means that losing or forgetting bits becomes less stressful. Father's Day is right around the corner. Enough with the ties, everyone can use a new tool. If you need a good automatic screwdriver that isn't too expensive, look no further than the WORX. Try it for yourself.

ASE Publishing would like to thank WORX for making this review possible.
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